The world's first fully integrated, automated bench-top library prep workflow, from BD-GenCell Biosystems. More time spent on sequencing meets less time spent on next generation sequencing library prep. It’s beautiful when things just CLiC.

  • Time, labor and reagent savings
  • Scalable throughput
  • Open-architecture microfluidics
  • No plastic consumables
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DNA Addition

  • Small sample volume introduction
  • The system integrates with standard source plates
  • Non-contact microfluidic technology is used for sample dispensing


Barcode Addition

  • Small volume introduction
  • The system integrates with standard source plates
  • Non-contact microfluidic technology is used for barcode dispensing


Master Mix and Ligase Addition

  • Non-contact microfluidic technology is used for dispensing bulk reagents, such as master mix and ligase


Thermal Chip

  • Thermally controlled chip that can perform PCR amplification, tagmentation, ligation and isothermal incubation
  • Each chip contains an array of CLC nodes
  • Suitable for any commercially available library preparation protocol


DNA Purification and Size Selection

  • The BD-GenCell technology is fully compatible with magnetic bead purification technology
  • This is a full automation process that agitates, aspirates and dispenses beads into micro volume reactions
  • The magnetic beads bind to the sample in the CLC environment
  • The sample is then retrieved from the node and purified in the purification system where the beads are immobilized and washed to purify and elute nucleic acid


Library Collection

  • System can be programmed to dispense individual or pooled samples into user-defined plastic wear


System Fluids

  • Automated filling
  • Level system control



Liquid Handling Subsystem

CLiC LP’s liquid handling subsystem features a non-contact process that eliminates contamination and labor. And with CLiC’s ability to process low volume sample sizes, you experience lower reagent costs. All this with the highest potential throughput in the industry and no need for plastic tips.

Microfluidic Purification Subsystem

CLiC LP’s microfluidic purification subsystem helps your lab save on time and labor costs because it’s fully automated. Our walkaway automation also means more reliability, consistency and time spent on sequencing and other duties with less time spent on library prep.

Thermal Subsystem

The thermal subsystem within CLiC LP features the flexibility to work with all chemical protocols and facilitates scalable throughput—up to 768 barcoded libraries per six-hour shift. CLiC LP’s open architecture allows you to aspirate and dispense via our patented CLC technology.


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